Navigating around—and through—life’s speed bumps is essential on the journey to achieve your goals. And every aspect of your character is designed to support you. Learn how to surrender to the infinite universe, and your inner coach, to help guide your way.

Exercise Your Bounce-Back Muscles

Are you getting in your own way of achieving your goals? Perhaps you’re not clear about what you want. Or at some level, you may not be “all in” on your desire. Discover a technique to help you instill the behaviors that will ensure your success.

Embrace Change at Every Level

Your beliefs and attitudes about money can affect your financial, mental, and emotional well-being. Learn a process to change your stories about money and create a new mindset that allows you to earn, save, and grow your financial resources.

Create Your Ideal Money World

When you know exactly what you want, it’s easier to take on any unpleasant and challenging tasks required to achieve it. Gain clarity about your goals and uncover your real motivation and you’ll eliminate procrastination.

Capitalize on Your Motivation

Join the world’s greatest minds who understood the value of a good nap. Research shows napping can significantly increase your learning performance. Use this study strategy—and a power nap—to boost your brilliance, enhance memory, and speed your skill development.

Bump Up Your Learning Capacity with a Nap

Unhealthy foods can trigger the same kind of inflammatory response in your body as a bacterial infection, increasing the risk of vascular diseases and diabetes. Research reveals it can take weeks of healthy eating to turn off your body’s alarms. Protect your health with mindful food choices.

Are Your Food Choices Putting You at Risk?