A lot of things can tax the heart—including stressful shopping. But you can will yourself into a light-hearted space quickly. Whenever you’re stressed out, use a simple technique to relax your body and shift your emotions so you feel energized instead.

Find Your Bliss Amid Shopping Stress

Discover how to still your mind for a good night’s sleep. Learn how improving the flow of energy in your bedroom can shift the frequency of your brain waves so you sleep and dream like a baby.

Difficulty Falling Asleep

Appreciation opens the heart and enriches your health. Research proves engaging in a regular gratitude practice can improve mental health and sleep, reduce inflammation in the body, and boost relationships. Learn how journaling expands your capacity for loving-kindness.

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude for Better Health

Join the world’s greatest minds who understood the value of a good nap. Research shows napping can significantly increase your learning performance. Use this study strategy—and a power nap—to boost your brilliance, enhance memory, and speed your skill development.

Bump Up Your Learning Capacity with a Nap