February 26

Happy for No Reason


“I first heard about Paraliminals when I was gifted Happy For No Reason through another program I was taking. I was overwhelmed with other courses but for some reason I opened the file and listened. I was immediately intrigued by the no effort method! Sign me up! I had been meditating for about a year and feeling better and better all the time. But after listening to Happy for No Reason I took Paul’s suggestion to listen often, as each time builds more capacity for happiness. I started falling asleep to it, and with my headphones still in my ears in the morning I would listen before I got out of bed. I started noticing that I would feel giddy and silly randomly. At first I felt self-conscious. But then I realized I was literally the change I had been seeking–the desire to be happy for no reason! I bought other Paraliminals and I love them! Side note, Paul Scheele’s voice is sublime!”


Happy Money

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