March 1

Helped save my life, literally


My life was a complete disaster. I had a 20 plus year substance abuse problem, 17 of those were to opiates. My lifestyle reflected this, periods of homelessness, jail, etc. I was at the end of my rope, I couldn’t live with myself anymore. I came across Learning Strategies by accident and gave Paraliminals and Photoreading a shot. I didn’t expect much from life anymore so I didn’t expect much from the products. Within two weeks of listening and learning, quite spontaneously and a bit startling, my heart blew open wide. Wow! I wasn’t spiritual prior to this but I knew in that moment without doubt I was a spiritual being. It’s been non-stop unfolding ever since. I’ve been clean for 8 years now. Every aspect of my life has transformed. Learning Strategies helped save my life, literally. To everyone that makes Learning Strategies possible, from window washers to the CEO, THANK YOU!


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