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“I used the Anxiety-Free Paraliminal when I was in the deepest state of anxiety of my life (I believe I was experiencing chronic freeze and could barely function). The Paraliminal was the only thing that put me into a state of relaxation and gave me the tools I needed to be released from the tyranny of anxiety. However it works, the messages within the audio gave me the tools to overcome my symptoms and help me to live a normal feeling life again.”

Mark Kielstra

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Abundant Money Mindset

“By using Abundant Money Mindset and Prosperity regularly, I have nearly doubled my income in the last year and completely eliminated $30,000 in debt. Part of the key is being detached from the outcome and being patient while continuing to use the programs regularly. Paraliminals really do work if you are patient and dedicated to using them.


Aurora, Colorado


“I’ve been using Paraliminals for a couple years now. I use mainly Anxiety-Free, Get Around To It, and Memory Supercharger. Sometimes the changes can be somewhat noticeable and at other times may be very subtle. I always have a happy and calm feeling after listening. At first, I didn’t think they were working, but as my listening sessions go on, I have way less anxiety and I’m calm and less likely to fly off the handle. I handle situations more calmly, my mind is more focused, and I feel I retain more now.”

Trina B.

Oakley, California

Abundant Money Mindset

“I listened to the Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal every day for about two weeks when I was out of work and in debt. Within weeks I was offered a well-paying job, earning more than I thought I would be. In the two years since then my pay has increased, I’ve been paid unexpected bonuses, and am now almost debt free. My beliefs about money, how much I can earn, and how much abundance I can attract into my life have completely changed. Thank you!”


Hampshire, United Kingdom

Abundant Money Mindset

“After I used Abundant Money Mindset, I got a 6-figure-income job.”


Pflugerville, Texas

Automatic Pilot

“I used Dream Play, Personal Genius, and Automatic Pilot while back in school to make up undergrad credits in chemistry and organic chemistry for admission to graduate school. I graduated over 30 years ago with a B.A. and had been okay with the biological sciences but not the chemical sciences. I got straight A’s.”

Automatic Pilot

“As a naturally reflective person with degrees in philosophy and education, I have a tendency to over-analyze decisions and to return to past mistakes and errors of judgment too readily. The Automatic Pilot Paraliminal is an excellent means of remaining in the present and allowing one’s power of intuition to override negative memories that might adversely impact what one is endeavouring to achieve in the present.”

Chantal Ashby Heaven, MA

Bristol, UK

Break the Habit

“The Break the Habit Paraliminal is a great tool to help defeat relapse with addictions.”

Ernest Carlsen



Automatic Pilot, Belief, and Positive Relationships have help changed how I react to certain people and situations. They have help me maintain my power instead of giving it away to others, become more aware of my negative inner critic, and release limiting beliefs that no longer serve me.”


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Creativity Supercharger

“Listening to Personal Genius and Creativity Supercharger helped my creativity while writing/composing my first original musical album, Window of Opportunity. I would awake for the day with fresh ideas for lyrics. It was almost like a spiritual thing.”

Kevin Simnacher

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Creativity Supercharger

“I used Creativity Supercharger and Get Around To It and managed to stay on task, focused, and creative for 13 hours, and I finished editing and formatting a book I had written.”

Alana K. Haase


Conscious Time

“Using my favorite combo, Overcoming Overwhelm and Conscious Time, I am able to make better use of my time during the day. Instead of wondering if I’m making the ‘right’ choice about my activities, I now trust my inner knowing when it gives me little ‘nudges.'”

Sarah Ward

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Dream Play

“I’ve been using Dream Play and focusing each night on a single intention (mostly addressing fears and programming that no longer serves me). Almost every time, I get answers or reduced anxiety around the issue. Over the last couple of months I have reduced or eliminated many fears. I use Dream Play when I go to bed and rarely make it 5 minutes in before I’m asleep. But the Paraliminal still works even while I sleep. It’s amazing that making changes and becoming a better person takes such little effort!”

Tim Ray

Burnsville, Minnesota

Dream Play

“Since using the Dream Play Paraliminal I’ve found my dreams are far more vivid. I can recall far more detail about my dreams. My ability to control and become lucid during my dreams has increased dramatically.”

Iain Cuthbertson

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dream Play

“I had to put my beloved Labrador down recently and was deeply grieved. I put on the Dream Play Paraliminal hoping to find a way to be with her again. I found myself in a place where I could envision my life as a path and that she had got on it and walked with me for a while and then came to a time when she had to jump off. She seemed happy and excited. I am not a particularly religious person, but this was an astonishing and healing experience for me. I have found the Deep Relaxation Paraliminal helpful after coming home from my job after a trying day and when I’ve been unable to sleep.”


Augusta, Maine

Deep Relaxation

“The Deep Relaxation Paraliminal has been key to managing the effects of MS for the past 25 years. A 32-minute listening session and I am able to continue with my day.”

Monica Walsh

San Rafael, California

Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation was a lifesaver in a long-lasting triple crisis: serious illness in the family, violent revolution in the outside world, then the pandemic. Paul Scheele’s voice soothed my soul as if it were my long-gone father’s, reading bedtime stories at night. It has been my oasis. Thank you so much!”

Ida Kiss

Vina del Mar, Chile

Deep Relaxation

“After a long flight in the middle of night during which I couldn’t sleep, I picked my car up and parked, then listened to Deep Relaxation. Then I was able to concentrate on my 3-hour road trip home. If I find myself dragging during the day and need a pick me up, I listen to the 10-Minute Supercharger. I keep these two Paraliminals always handy.”

Kay McDonald

Warkwick, Queensland, Australia


“When things get really chaotic and you are beyond overwhelmed, I use the Euphoria! Paraliminal, both the full length and sleep session. Things in life calm down. I have experienced that many times.”


George Town, Cayman Islands


“I realized that I had a disconnect at the level of my will and have never truly felt safe in my life. As a result, I can see how bad decisions in my past were a result of this insufficiency within myself. I listened to the Fearlessness Paraliminal morning and night for weeks straight. A new confidence arose in me that has enabled me to be more assertive in my business and personal life.”

Sandra Kay Reynolds

Greensboro, North Carolina