February 26

Happy for No Reason


“During my process to heal myself this year, I received a Paraliminal as a gift: Happy For No Reason with March Shimoff. I tried it and was astonished with the results. It was the best, easy-to-use inspirational tool I have ever found. Listening to it strengthened my relaxation, mindfulness, resolve, and motivation. I have since purchased 6 additional Paraliminals of different topics. I am using these in conjunction with Marci’s Your Year of Miracles Course online. I have had difficulty meditating in the past but these Paraliminals work better than anything I have tried before. They are all very calming and relaxing. They have helped me to take a step back and envision specific situations in a way that I had never considered before. I am eternally grateful to have found this invaluable resource to support my journey to health. Thank you, Learning Strategies, for this miraculous resource.”


Happy Money

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