Accelerate Your Success with Daily Reviews

Inventor and philosopher Buckminster Fuller suggested the importance of living your life in "day-tight" compartments. By completing each day saying, "This I want to keep, this I release," you unburden your brain, freeing it for creativity and the clear pursuit of your goals.

Do your days just seem to run together in one unending blur?

Or do you look back and review your day to gain clarity about where you're at and where you're heading?

The mental review: A quick check-in at the end of the day gives you a chance to review the decisions you made over the last 24 hours, honor your successes, and consider other options that will serve you better.

It's an important strategy used with great success in the New History Generator Paraliminal. It can multiply the benefit of all you learn today and accelerate your personal and professional development.

In his famous autobiography, Benjamin Franklin reported that a mental review of his day was the single most powerful self-development tool he ever used.

His technique involved developing one of thirteen personal "virtues" each day for two weeks. Each morning he would focus on developing one virtue, and then at the end of the day he would mentally review how he did.

Try it now: Discover how this daily process can immediately contribute to your success.

  • Sit back and relax. Recall yourself in the different situations from your day—don't judge yourself!
  • Notice how you responded to events. Recognize and acknowledge the thoughts, words, actions, or feelings that helped you progress in a positive direction.
  • Did you do things to move in the direction of your goals?
  • Did you miss any opportunities to progress?
  • Did you make choices that led you astray?
  • What might you do differently if faced with a similar situation?

Taking stock of your choices automatically helps you act more decisively. And acknowledging your successes increases your self-confidence and self-trust. Your brain will automatically work to create more success in your life.

Your successful day today is a series of successful thoughts in any single moment in time. These moments of success combine to form your day, your week, your months, and year. Each successful year combines to create the life you've imagined and the success you desire.

To help focus your energies on what you want to create, listen to the New History Generator Paraliminal in the MINDTRX app. It includes two sessions, one to help you take stock of your day and another to help you release limitations and envision the future you desire.

Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen. This closed-eye process activates your "whole mind" with a precise blend of music and words to help you get the most out of every minute.

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