Capitalize on Your Motivation

Do you truly know what motivates you?

Studies show: People who are motivated by results are more likely to succeed than those who are motivated by activities. That's because the motivation to achieve a desired result helps overcome any unpleasant tasks that may have to be performed.

Have you ever avoided high-priority tasks because they were unpleasant?

Many people turn to easier low-priority activities. Procrastinating on important tasks is a choice that almost always lowers productivity.

Eliminate procrastination: Don't make the mistake of labeling yourself a "procrastinator." That unfairly robs you of the power to choose differently. Procrastination is simply making the choice to avoid tasks, and when it becomes a habit, it keeps you from discovering your own greatness.

Discovering your real motivation behind your desired goals can help you more easily get through unpleasant and challenging tasks.

Use these steps from our Get Around To It Paraliminal to quickly gain clarity about what you really want.

  1. Identify a specific result or goal you desire. It might be a long-time dream such as writing a book or building a house or a project you keep putting off such as cleaning out your basement.
  2. Note the tasks that are required to achieve the result. Keeping them as simple as possible will ensure your follow-through.
  3. Identify the payoff for reaching your goal. What is the real bottom-line benefit for having the result?
    Probing deeper into your motivation helps you determine if this goal is worth your effort. If it is, then you must own that it is your choice to have it. If the goal isn't worth it to you, figure out how to make it a priority so that it is indeed motivating for you. Or select another goal and evaluate the payoff.

Determine how much time it will take to complete the tasks and when you will do them.

As you engage in your tasks, stay focused on the final payoff for reaching your goal. It will make your day easier and more productive. When you bring a clear intention to what you are creating you can realize the full power and magic of your mind—your greatest ally in success.

To help you stay motivated and focused on your intentions, listen to the Get Around To It Paraliminal in the MINDTRX app. It includes two sessions, one to help you conquer general patterns of procrastination that may have prevented successful actions in the past, and another to help you overcome hesitation in specific situations.

Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen. This closed-eye process activates your "whole mind" with a precise blend of music and words to help you get the most out of every minute.

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