Create Powerful Affirmations for Self-Discipline

Affirmations are positive tools for transforming intentions into realities. Those used in the Self-Discipline Paraliminal help build greater trust in your natural abilities and emerging skills.

To support your dreams, consider writing your own personal affirmations.

Identify five of your most important dreams and write an affirmation for each one following these rules from the Effortless Success course with Jack Canfield:

  • Start with an "I am" to bring the statement into the present tense.
  • Make a positive statement.
  • Use an action verb.
  • Keep the statement brief and concise.
  • Include at least one feeling word that reflects the emotion of having achieved the goal. Words have a vibrational energy, so infuse your affirmations with emotion.
  • Make affirmations for yourself only, not others.

Say your affirmations aloud, with feeling, at least once a day for at least the next 30 days. By doing so, you acknowledge or affirm the thing you want as if it's already complete.

Say your affirmations as well immediately before listening to the Self-Discipline Paraliminal. Visualize the action, outcome, or experience you want. This focus trains your brain on what you need to make it happen.

The human brain has an amazing tool called the “reticular activating system.” It operates full-time to let in the information appropriate to your current intentions.

When you form inspired intentions linked to powerful emotions, the reticular activating system filters out what you don't need and lets in those resources you do need—the ideas, people, and possibilities. Those resources were there before, but you weren't seeing or sorting them, because your focus was elsewhere.

To channel your energies one what you need to do to effectively accomplish your tasks and goals, listen to the Self-Discipline Paraliminal in the MINDTRX app.

Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen. This closed-eye process activates your "whole mind" with a precise blend of music and words to help you get the most out of every minute.

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